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Basic Electronic Keyboard course has been designed to introduce you to the basics of playing on the keyboard, reading musical notes and chords.

Explore the various playing skills of the Guitar changing chords the easiest way, strumming patterns, thumb stroke alternative basis, fine stroke, the bass strumming style, the arpeggio style etc.

The Leading Note is a showcase for top of the line Casio Musical Instruments and a gathering of music experts under one roof. Qualified teachers and experienced performers nurture student's musical talent through keyboard, pop, classical piano, guitar, violin, drum and other lessons. Experience the personal attention and quality teaching at reasonable prices only at the Leading Note, the best music school in Singapore.

The Lessons are a focus to help develop studentís understanding and ability to perform at the technical fundamentals. It also develop studentís expressive potential as it fosters the art of communication through music. We also provide expert piano tuning service and delivery, get in touch with us today!

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50 East Coast Road, Singapore (428769)
Tel: +65 6440 0176, Fax: +65 6440 0426
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